Conflict Management System Design

When handled well, conflict can be an organizational asset, providing information that you can use to improve relationships and systems.

A good conflict management system extends from hiring practices, job descriptions, and new employee orientation to exit interviews. A good system proactively prevents conflicts and responds effectively to conflicts when they do arise. The first step in improving an organization’s overall system is to conduct an assessment to identify what’s working and what areas need improvement. The assessment itself, in how it is framed, presented, and conducted, can be the first step in building the organization’s conflict management capacity and can contribute to an improvement in organizational culture.

I am based in Eugene, Oregon but can work with you wherever you are located via online video platform.

conflict competency

Conflict is not a sign of failure; poorly managed conflict is failure. Poorly managed conflict is expensive.

One of my goals is to help organizations become less conflict-averse and more conflict-competent.

Conflicts and problems, when addressed well, become an organizational resource that can be used to improve systems and relationships and the bottom line.

Problem Identification

Identifying the source of a problem is key; for example, sometimes what appears to be a relational problem between two individuals is actually a structural problem. 

Fix the structural problem, and the relationship improves.

Tools & System Implementation

Fundamentally, people want to get along, want things to work, want to resolve problems. People want to be successful. Sometimes they need help. When given the right tools and support, they’ll usually be on board to fix the problem or resolve the dispute.

Effective communication is the key to unlocking thorny problems and making good decisions.
My work with you is a partnership. We learn together.