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Negotiation Coaching

Mediation is sometimes referred to as facilitated negotiation. My job as mediator is to help all of the parties negotiate more effectively together. A mediator must understand the principles and practices of effective and skilled negotiating. Good negotiating isn't about winning but rather about finding a way to solve the problem most effectively, taking into account the needs of everyone involved. There are ways of thinking about the conflict and one's engagement with the other(s) involved, and about how one will behave in the negotiation, that will achieve one's goals either more or less successfully. In preparing for a negotiation and over the course of the negotiation, it is very often helpful to talk through and get help with one's approach to the problem and to the other(s) involved. I provide negotiation coaching based on my years of experience as a mediator, my study of negotiation practice, and my experience negotiating numerous business and other agreements. 

When I am not involved in a negotiation as mediator, I am available to provide negotiation coaching for an individual party engaged in a negotiation. In such cases, this would preclude me subsequently acting as a mediator in the negotiation. If, at a later date, I were asked to mediate a situation that involved an individual for whom I'd previously provided negotiation coaching in another circumstance, I would disclose that fact and the parties would decide whether they still wanted me to be the mediator in the new situation.