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Separation and Divorce

Divorce or separation is, to say the obvious, a very difficult time emotionally. And, concurrently, it's a time when important decisions that affect both parties and the children, if children are involved, must be made. Almost by definition, it is difficult to make those decisions with the very person you are separating from, to communicate effectively when often communication has broken down or is made more difficult in the presence of anger, fear, sadness, or distrust. Yet, the decisions are so important for the well-being of everyone involved. Mediation provides a safe and structured way to make those decisions and build the foundation for the new relationship configuration, especially if there are children involved in which case the parties will continue to be in relationship as co-parents. The best interests of the children and the couple will be taken care of to the degree that the couple can make good and mutually supportive agreements about the financial and parenting issues involved.